FMi Retirement Services

FMi Retirement Plan Services

FM International Services (NY), Ltd. provides a wide range of retirement services featuring customized benefit plans, flexible investment options and centralized pension administration. Through FMi’s myriad services, businesses of all sizes create unique domestic and international retirement plans for two employees or two thousand – with a single provider handling conversion, setup and administration.

Our History

For more than three decades, FMi professionals have specialized in defined-benefit and defined-contribution plan administration for U.S.-based businesses. But our professional history goes back even further – FMi founders can trace their first pension plans back 50 years and more.

Through the years, FMi has built a sterling reputation for accurate, efficient administration of all plan transactions. We run plans on any valuation frequency – including daily valuation – ensuring employees’ crucial ability to trade, transfer and rebalance on any market day.

Today, FMi administers retirement plans from both Bermuda and the U.S., granting unprecedented confidentiality. Clients always enjoy the personal service of local representatives available for large-scale projects and day-to-day questions.


In 1990, FMi began working in multiple offshore jurisdictions, focused on Bermuda, the Caribbean and Europe. FMi’s founder, Peter L. Macaluso, consulted on the development of Bermuda’s National Pension Act of 1998, while FMi principals sit today on Bermuda’s Pension Commission Advisory Committee.

There is virtually no limit to FMi’s investment options, including U.S.- and offshore-based mutual funds, local investments around the globe and privately managed accounts in domestic and international jurisdictions. Behind these flexible, multinational services is the same consistent level of service that has marked every transaction since the company’s inception.

FMI’s broad range of international experience and the company’s commitment to high-quality customer service have earned us the valued trust of our domestic and global clients.

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